Wild Game Processing



For Circle Pines Sausage Haus to accept any whole venison or trim, you will need the following:
• Your name

• Your phone number

• Your MN DNR number

• Confirmation number from registering your deer

• If carcass is whole, the site tag must be attached to the animal.

• Friends or family can drop off venison with this information also.

Can I give game I harvest as a gift?

Yes, but a receipt containing the name and address of the owner, name and address of the recipient, date of transfer, description of the gift (for example: "ten pounds of venison trim"), and the license number must remain with the gift with the name and address of both parties, including the proper MN DNR number and Possession number.  This applies to any transfer of wild game that is gifted.  This can be found on page 29 of the MN DNR regulations. 

🦆 Waterfowl 🦆

If we are processing any waterfowl and you are dropping off more than one legal possession limit, there will need to be the MN DNR number or out-of-state license number to match from your hunting party.

🐟 Fish 🐟

You will need all MN DNR numbers or out-of-state license numbers to match the possession limit you are dropping off.

🦃 Turkeys 🦃

Will be treated the same as venison.  You will need your:
• MN DNR Number

• Possession Tag Number

All Out-of-State Cervid Animals

Venison, elk, antelope, moose, and caribou are cervid animals.  If it has horns and hooves, it is considered a cervid animal.

• We can ONLY accept boneless trim or quarters.

• No animal with the head, spine, or hide attached from out-of-state can be accepted.

If you have any questions, you can give us a call or refer to the Minnesota hunting or fishing regulations.